• Transparency
    It cares about correct and clear information sharing; it takes care to ensure that all the information it gives to its customers is accurate, concise and clear.

  • Reliability
    It does not use its customers’ savings for the purpose of utilizing, increasing or investing. It does not demand any additional payment under any name other than the working fee specified in the contract and the fees that may arise from the nature of the operations.

  • Honesty
    It supports its customers to save money and offers the most suitable savings plan for their needs. It does not use unethical sales tactics in any way.

  • Human Orientedness
    It attaches importance to sharing information and exhibits a human-oriented approach in order to provide benefit for everyone with whom it communicates, whether it is a customer or not.

  • Customer Orientedness
    In order to ensure that its customers receive the best service, it approaches all questions, problems and needs of them sincerely and produces customized solutions. It does not consider its customers as a source of income.

  • Sustainability
    It creates a future forecast by accurately analyzing the century it is in, always aims ahead of the age with sustainable plans in order to provide benefits in line with the expectations and needs of the country.

  • Dynamism
    It adds dynamism to the sector with the new products and services it develops, taking into account the changing habits, living conditions, expectations and needs.