• It is a Financial Model that Brings Savings Together
    Savings Finance is a finance model that works with the principle of mutual benefit and brings together their savings in order to meet the financial needs that individuals have difficulty in completing individually.

  • Operation is Transparent and Clear
    All information given to individuals in the business processes of Savings Finance is concise and clear. It is undertaken through contracts that the savings will not be used for investment purposes, will not be exploited and will only be converted into financing for the savings owners whose delivery date is due.

  • No Additional Costs
    While in conventional finance and participation banking, the source of finance includes costs, in the savings finance sector, no additional costs are requested except for the working fee specified in the contract stage and the insurance, mortgage and similar fees that may arise from the nature of the transaction at the time of the delivery of financing.

  • Needs are Met in a Shorter Period Than Targeted
    Savings Finance is a financial model that consumers meet their savings needs, which they find it difficult to complete personally, on the basis of the equivalence of benefits principle. In this way, people reach all their financial goals in a much shorter period than they can achieve with their individual efforts.

  • The Principle of Common Benefit is Essential
    Contract owners complete the savings target of other participants in line with their savings plans with the common benefit principle. The reimbursement amount of the financing provided is secured and a guarantee is created for the savings of other contract owners.

  • Provides Financing Opportunities
    The common purpose of the savings plans created through the savings finance institutions is to support individuals to save according to their budgets and to provide the necessary financing support to reach the financing they need in a shorter period than they planned.