Çözüm Tasarruf pioneers the sector with its New Generation Finance approach, which offers customized solutions by focusing on all financial needs of consumers, covering not only individuals but also institutions, and focusing on savings rather than indebting.



  • To lead the formation, regulation, development and growth of the New Generation Savings Finance sector.
  • To transform individual savings into financial power.
  • To alter the sector dynamics with brand new products and services for various needs unlike the existing conventional home and car finance models.


  • To serve the transformation of savings into individual and social benefits by restructuring the perception of savings preconceived in the society.
  • To present the new savings finance concept as a strong alternative to the world, especially to our country.
  • To maintain the mission of “sector pioneer” also in the global arena by developing collaborations in international platforms.
  • To uncover the financial elements those do not actively participate in the economy in Turkey and to pioneer the transformation of this potential into investment at both national and international level.